Friday, February 11, 2011

Roger Waters Concert on Dvd

I went to the concert part of his 2010/2011 tour and I wish Roger Waters released a DVD after each concert. I would be interested in the DVD of the concert I went to not the DVD of the tour.

I am sure he would make lots of money, because almost everyone who went there would buy it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

100 Sport Shoes in One (Kit Shoe)

A shoe would be covered in Velcro or other suitable material and the customer would buy a kit of patches to cover his/hers shoe - to customize it so to speak  so s/he would be able to get lots of combinations. I realize this would be a fad appealing mostly to kids but perhaps it would be worth looking into it.

I am no graphic designer to illustrate this concept, but some time ago I found a few web pages which give an idea about it:

For an art project children painted the shoes. Of course the shoes were spoiled so why not achieve almost the same result by using a Velcro shoe + kits.

Also, there is a Chinese company that already produces shoes that can have
different images attached,

so something similar to my idea but not to the extent I envision (i.e. fully 'customizable' shoe).

Perhaps my idea is not so far-fetched as Ralph Lauren was selling at some point 'Paint Your Own Polo' kits .

This is an ad for a charity run: