Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cool Pillow

There is a group on Facebook I FLIP MY PILLOW OVER TO GET TO THE COLD SIDE that had 710,783 members some 2 years ago and now 915,919.

From the group’s description:
"Do u have trouble sleeping? Do u find urself waking up in the middle of the night, and the only remedy to a good night's rest is turning that pillow over so u can feel the cold side on ur face and head. Thought u were the only one who did this? think again. If you experience this same issue night after night, this is the group for you."

I bought the product Chillow, thinking it was the ‘cure’ even if I was wondering how it could keep a constant temperature. Unfortunately it did not work as I had expected so I had to return it.

The pillow was too cold at the beginning so I had to put my palm under my head, otherwise it would have been too uncomfortable to sleep on it and in the morning it was as warm as a ‘normal’ pillow.

The solution should be an electric pillow (like an electric blanket) so you can adjust the temperature and keep it constant.

The market would be huge. If 700,000 900,000 Facebook users cared to join the group perhaps there are at least 10 mil people in the world bothered by a warm pillow so if only 1% would buy the product it would mean $10,000,000 profit (considering $100 profit per product).

My pillow (actually it looks much worse after one night's sleep)

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