Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can Cover

Urban legends ? 'Wash Your Pop Cans'

Perhap, but the answer is this:

Carlsberg can after I sent them the my idea (perhaps just a coincidence):
However my idea is better as it is environmentally more friendly - paper instead of plastic.

Also, San Pellegrino has a cover but it is made of Aluminum, again not best solution environment wise (and cost wise I suppose).

And another variation of this idea: Spinnakers beers.
It seems the above type is spreading: Uncommon Brewers . I do not know who was the first but 'Uncommon' should be 'uncommon' and use my idea: paper not plastic, cheaper and better for the environment.

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  1. Interesting idea, but paper doesn't hold up too well under exposure to water and condensation.