Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pay to be Read

There are so many people, who would like to write to a celebrity, but of course they (the celebrities) would not have time to read all the e-mails addressed to them and moreover to acknowledge they have read them.

A website could be set up to enable people to bid for the ‘privilege’ the e-mail they send to be read by a certain celebrity. The bid would be open so they would see how many e-mails are ahead of them.

The celebrity the e-mails are addressed to would be contacted later and told for example that 50 emails worth $3000 are waiting to be read and s/he could either directly receive the money or donate it to a charity of their own choice; of course s/he could choose to read only some of them based on the sender's name, subject, number of words and other criteria.

There would be a registration fee (people would get to see the bids so it is not like they do not get something in exchange just to avoid the surfers that would have no intention at all of writing to a celebrity).

After 30-90 days if is there no answer the person would receive the money back minus a very small administration fee .

And because a picture is worth 1,000 words, see also a Power Point presentation about the idea.

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